Welcome! I'm John, the Creative Director.

We solve creative challenges for clients

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Why "bi•cam•e•ral" design?

Effective marketing and communication requires approaching a challenge with two minds, or a "bicameral" (two-chambered) mind, if you will.

1) From the point of view of the client:

    "What am I offering and why do I think it's special?"

2) And from the point of view of the audience(s):

    "What problem of mine does it solve and how is it special?"

Like when you're walking through a labyrinth and are constantly looking both in from the outside and out from the inside. We make sure both points of view are considered.


"John is one of a kind: highly creative and strategic. His insight into marketing and branding continues to be invaluable to me. His enormous creativity means he always comes up with a fresh approach to our ongoing  marketing challenges. On every project he has been flexible, fast, and reliable (not to mention unflappable). I’ve worked with many creative people in my career and John stands out as one of the best."

– Pam McIlroy, Director of Marketing, Construx

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